Q: I get error code HPDIA0115E. What do I do? 

A: Clear your browser cache, close your browser, then open a new browser and try logging in again. If that doesn't work or you need help in performing these steps, please contact the Navistar Dealer Service Desk at 1-800-527-7879 (or Navistar Employees should call 1-877-517-5800).

Q: I am a Navistar employee. What ID do I use?

A: If you have an assigned Email address, make sure you are logging in with it.  If you do not have an assigned Navistar Email address, you will login with your userID@Navistar.com (ex. U209999 logs in as U209999@Navistar.com)

Q: What exactly is changing on February 20th?

A: The login screen will change to a two-step process with two new screens:

1. First, the following Navistar Sign In screen will be displayed, and you will be required to enter your Navistar ID with the added "@Navistar.com" or your Navistar email address, if you have one.

2. After clicking "Next", a Navistar Password screen will be displayed for you to enter your Navistar password.